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Gnubay on Facebook #TRACKEDLINK

There is a very varied presence by us on Facebook #TRACKEDLINK under a lot of our sub brands as well as our main feed where we post a lot of short videos and product posts. While most of these lead to ebay, we occasionally slip in other reseller sites as well.

Gnubay on YouTube #TRACKEDLINK

Our goal is to eventually monetize on YouTube #TRACKEDLINK, and who knows, maybe someday we will. In the meantime please like and subscribe. You might find Gnubay’s Founder “WHIT” aka Gary Whitworth Brower (his Facebook profile) #TRACKEDLINK music under Gnumaginations on there and his drum sessions, Occasional Poetry Recitals in Whitworth’s Poetry Corner, Reseller diatribes, Items we resell and well just general video chaos, because ….why not lol.

Gnubay on Instagram #TRACKEDLINK

Instagram is a hodgepodge of posts overflowing from other more robust platforms for us often combining posts from the founder of Gnubay.

Gnubay on Tiktok #TRACKEDLINK

We love Tiktok #TRACKEDLINK. Social media is addicting and we love short form video. Tiktok may even have selling options someday on there someday if they ever coordinate with Vendoo cross listing software.

Gnubay on Threads #TRACKEDLINK

Like most people after the shakeup we joined Threads #TRACKEDLINK at its inception and post there occasionally. We may or may not use this platform regularly….time will tell

@Gnubay on X Twitter #TRACKEDLINK

Tweeting (xing) the Love. We used to love to tweet current items for sale on X(Twitter) #TRACKEDLINK. Join Gnubay here but lately just post occasion links and updates.

Gnubay on Tumblr #TRACKEDLINK

While we are not a huge user of Tumblr #TRACKEDLINK, some of my social media posts occasionally flow over into our profile there.

Gnubay on Snapchat #TRACKEDLINK

We are not a huge user of Snapchat #TRACKEDLINK either, We do enjoy the occasion funny selfie just like anyone else. No real Gnubay content here.

Gnubay on Reddit #TRACKEDLINK

In the past we used to post our auctions quite frequently on reddit, but found it really was not the right medium for our format, now you will find our old profiles there and links back to our webpage. Below were some of old links to their feeds.

GnubayEbay My Main Page. #TRACKEDLINK is my feed for printed material, books & magazines. VHSshopCom #TRACKEDLINK are all the VHS I list. Recycled DVD’s & Blu Ray Disks #TRACKEDLINK #TRACKEDLINK PreownedKitchenCom #TRACKEDLINK RecycledFashionShopCom #TRACKEDLINK ShopVinylsCom #TRACKEDLINK ShopTradingCardCom #TRACKEDLINK CollectibleCurrencyAndCoinCom #TRACKEDLINK #TRACKEDLINK UsedToolShopCom #TRACKEDLINK ElectronicsRecycled #TRACKEDLINK OldPaperMapsCom #TRACKEDLINK UsedCassetteTapeCom #TRACKEDLINK OldGnuCom #TRACKEDLINK