Gnubay Vision

We are trying build a company that is interesting to work for individuals with multiple interests. We reduce waste going to landfills while trying to create a profitable enterprise.

Our Story

While we have been selling online since 1998 with the first item ever sold being a Gnu (Wildebeast) Hoof Ashtray, the founder knew finding a home for reselling, reusing and repurposing junk would be fun. There is very little we will not list. We liquidate lots of items, buy storage units and accept gifts. We hope to employ a diverse array of individuals from the mentally challenged to the genius and find a place for everyone to peacefully coexist.

Meet the Team

We are friendly and care about the customer experience as well as own work life balance.
Why? Because people want to know who they’re doing business with. It’s a human thing.


Gary Whitworth Brower #TRACKEDLINK

Founder, President & CEO

Lovable goofball, ex champion wrestler, dreamer and team creator.

A championion vollyballer, an academic high schooler with college asperations, and a love of music.


Moose in the Yard

Photo credit Gary Whitworth Brower #TRACKEDLINK

Gnubay entertainers.

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While we create an experience here for you, know that we try our best to create and flourish our own passions. Your purchases help support those that have a love of life.

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